Business Loans

Are you looking to expand your business? Do you need new equipment? Or are you taking the plunge and following your passion?

Thinking about how you’re going to manage your finance is going to be one of the biggest decisions you make. If you’re looking for a business loan, we’re your people.

Need finance for your business?

Financing a small business or a new business venture can be difficult for the uninitiated. Knowing which financial institutions to approach is also very complex, as each lender’s appetite for assisting businesses varies depending on the nature of the business and the particular industry.

This is when dealing with an experienced credit adviser is very important in securing the right finance at the right cost. Dealing with someone that has managed their own business and companies is also an important consideration when deciding how to finance your business requirements.

Restructuring Business Debt

Kevin can provide general information regarding corporate law and act as intermediary on your behalf. For every distressed financial situation, the law provides a solution that is cost effective and that may assist:

  • a company avoid involuntary liquidation or
  • an individual avoid bankruptcy
  • In our discussions with you, we will ask questions to enable us to understand your current financial position and then provide you with all available options, including whether it is possible to:
  • Save the business
  • Save the family home
  • Save the assets

Let us negotiate alternative financial solutions with accountants, liquidators, bank managers, legal representatives and mediate director disputes on your behalf. Whether you are looking for funding, temporary working capital, debtor funding or equipment financing, Kevin and his team at Bayside Commercial Mortgages, have decades of experience to assist all business clients. Recent Milestones:

  • Raised $9.8 Million for a company under Administration
  • Acted as intermediary on behalf of a client under Administration, which returned 100 cents in the dollar to secured and unsecured creditors.

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